The Pomeranian is an extrovert, exhibiting great intelligence and a vivacious spirit, making him a great companion dog as well as a competitive show dog.
The Pomeranian dog is a compact, short-backed, active toy dog. He has a soft, dense undercoat with a profuse harsh-textured outer coat. His heavily plumed tail is set high and lies flat on his back. He is alert in character, exhibits intelligence in expression, is buoyant in deportment, and is inquisitive by nature. The Pomeranian is sound in composition and action.

The ideal weight of the Pomeranian is 1.8-2 kgs (4-41/2 lbs) for dogs and 2-2.5 kgs (41/2-51/2 lbs) for bitches. They are medium-boned, and the length of thir legs is in proportion to a well-balanced frame.

Even though a Toy dog, the Pomeranian must be subject to the same requirements of soundness and structure prescribed for all breeds...

About us...

I started showing dogs in 1990, initially with a Rough Collie, before moving on with a very special Sheltie in 1995. I continued breeding and showing Shelties under the kennel name "Lovely Funny" until 2012, with much success and many titles, including World Winner 2005 from my own breeding.

Originally, I am from Ukraine been living in the UK since 2010 and together with my daughter Julia and husband Mark.

In 2012 along with a move to Hampshire, I acquired my first Pomeranian and started the KLASSNA kennel.

In the following years we have strengthened our lines, importing dogs from top kennels including Chriscendo, and Pomhaven.  Our breeding programme has gone from strength to strength such that in 2017 the UK TOP Pomeranian puppy of the Year became the one bred by KLASSNA.

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e-mail: pom@klassna.com
mob. 07762 251577
Mrs Natalia Davey